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Before taking Courageous Copywriting, my copy felt too wordy and I struggled to balance authentic human and professional business owner. I was filled with self-doubt telling me I’m a bad writer and just not creative enough. 

Arianna felt like my own personal cheerleader! She gave me all the skills and encouragement I needed to become my own copywriter. I walked away creating a Sales Page, a BADASS Homepage, and a beautiful About Page that feels authentic to ME. My personality shines through in my own unique way.

Through the program, I experienced so many added benefits that I wasn’t anticipating: confidence, openness to creativity, and even self-care for nurturing my creative side. I’m now landing clients that I’m TRULY excited to work with. I highly recommend Courageous Copywriting to anyone who wants to write authentically for their business.

Paige Bond, LMFT

Through Courageous Copywriting I gained a broader understanding and confidence of how to write copy that resonates with my clients and feels aligned with who I am. I finished my sales page for my online course and feel great about the experience and outcome.

Ari is super hands-on, very thorough, and will go above and beyond to make sure you have a great experience and make sure your needs are met! Not only will you finish the program with a completed copy project, but you will have the skills to continue writing copy confidently. It’s a skill that will keep returning on its investment!

Lindsay McGovern, LCSW

My group practice’s website was sorely in need of an update and I was feeling stuck on writing the website content in a way that didn’t feel like an academic journal. I’m so accustomed to writing using clinical jargon, but Courageous Copywriting helped me to instead consider connection when speaking with my ideal client.

The task of writing became more tangible, rather than this nebulous, looming job I dreaded. I figured out how to manage writing in smaller “chunks” rather than tackling it all at once. This is helping me and my practice as we transition to a new website with a lot of new structures with our employees.

Ari is super friendly, knowledgeable, personable, and trustworthy. Her coaching was supportive and non-judgmental in a way that helped me push through blocks I was experiencing with writing and sharing my work with others. If you’re considering Courageous Copywriting, take the leap!

Jennifer Sampson, Ph.D., LMFT, CST

I felt stuck and unclear about who my ideal client was and how to write to them. I was uneasy about putting my true voice out in the world and didn’t really like anything I wrote on my own.

During Courageous Copywriting, I learned so much about writing creative copy and clarifying my message. I’m now really clear about my messaging and ideal client. I wrote all new copy for my website and hit publish! I feel confident and proud of what I’ve written and am more at ease, (and perhaps even excited!) about writing in general.

There is something SO supportive and reassuring about the way Ari provides feedback. I could feel her presence and knew she was in this with me each step of the way. Having the personal touch of Ari reviewing my copy felt like the personalized, hands-on approach I needed.

Samantha Alcalde, LPCC, LPC

When I first started Courageous Copywriting, I was struggling with writing too generally and too clinically. I knew I wanted to niche down, but was nervous to speak to my ideal client. Being able to submit drafts and receive video feedback from Arianna was so helpful. Plus, I was able to tease out any questions I had on the group coaching calls.

During the program, I was able to publish a brand new home page that’s very specific to my ideal client, as well as build the skills to continue writing that way! I’ve been able to update my services page and my inquiries have been more related to my specific audience. Clients will call and say my copy is exactly what they’re experiencing! I’m now confident in embracing my niche and finding people I love working with, who are also excited to work with me.

Rebecca Marcus, LCSW, Psychotherapist, and Speaker

My copy used to be a bit of a hot mess. I was trying to appeal to everyone which left my copy bland, boring, and wordy. Now I have the confidence and skill to write in my voice so that it’s aligned with who I am and relatable to the people who need to hear it the most. I will never look at copywriting the same way again.

Through Courageous Copywriting, my copy transformed from a cluster of words to meaningful content. Ari’s copy reviews are incredibly thorough and quite magical. Gaining insight from a trusted cohort through the program had its own rewards. It’s a whole lot easier to face imposter syndrome and show up authentically when you have a cheering squad of other therapists who want you to succeed. 

If you’re considering joining Courageous Copywriting, just do it. You will only gain more clarity and confidence as you tap into your own unique creativity. No prior writing skills are required – so no excuses. Trust me, you’ll notice the difference in how you approach writing content once you’ve completed this program.

Sheila Tucker, LMFT + Host of End The Juggle Struggle Podcast

After graduate school, I was fully indoctrinated into the world of clini-speak. I had no idea how to write effective copy for my business in a way that would draw in my ideal clients. Through Courageous Copywriting, I’ve built up my copy skills and even launched a new website! Then, I used the same tools/skills to create a website for a new business I created with two colleagues.

Arianna is kind, supportive, and encouraging. She has a magical eye for copy – this is clearly her superpower! Not only did I get amazing feedback on my copy, but I learned skills and processes for writing badass copy for whatever project I might create in the future. Courageous Copywriting is a fabulous investment! It was a joy to see my copy transform into something very powerful and compelling.

Lucy Smith, Ph.D. | Licensed Psychologist | Badass Bitch

When writing copy, I worry about sounding overly professional, inauthentic, or too sassy. Writing wasn’t really my cup of tea. The thought of translating all of the new ideas for my coaching business while communicating my sense of self to my clients was daunting.

Through Courageous Copywriting, Arianna opened a door to expand my sense of what was possible for my copy. She created a nurturing and encouraging holding space to practice writing my copy. My feelings about writing have shifted from dread to curiosity. Ari’s excitement for copy is contagious and you can’t help but shift to copy-loving-abundance by being connected to her writing process.

Now, I have a foundation for thinking about writing, a framework for website design, and actual good copy to weave into my website. Courageous Copywriting is absolutely a worthwhile investment.

Kat Vollono, Therapist and Coach

I was struggling with putting my ideas into words that would sound like. It could be hard to find someone that took the time to understand my ideas. Since we started working together, I have more people telling me they can see themselves in my copy. Arianna is very organized, clear about expectations, and very good at communicating throughout the process. She is a great listener which is great for picking up your voice and making it sound just like you.

Getting my vision put into paper in a way that shows the client exactly what I am thinking has given me the confidence to go for what I want and show up as myself. It’s been a game-changer for my business and mindset. Totally worth it.

Enid De Jesus, LMHC & Creator of the Radical Introvert Coaching Program

After years of writing papers in grad school, I was burned out. I wasn’t sure how to get my message out about the work I do or my general vibe as a therapist on my website. Arianna helped me put the pieces together and created content that speaks to who I am as a life coach and therapist. Since working together, I’m getting more inquiries from ideal clients and I feel confident sharing my site with potential clients or referral sources.

Arianna is down-to-earth, a great listener, organized and took the time to get to know me and provide helpful feedback. I really enjoy the energy and dedication she brings to her work. You won’t regret the investment and will enjoy feeling like someone is really taking in what you are saying and helping create content that is authentic to who you are as a therapist.

Jaime Cara, MA, LMHCA

Before working with Ari, I was stuck in “freeze” mode. I had been anticipating (and avoiding) working on my website home page for MONTHS. As soon as she sat down with me, Ari was able to effortlessly translate the “mess” inside my brain into beautiful words that truly captured the transformation my clients experience while working with me.

Ari is warm, understands the complexities of being a therapist (as a Sensitive Therapist herself), is fantastic with words, and has a natural ability to connect with her clients and speak from their voices. If you’re considering whether to work with her, I strongly encourage you to move forward. I’d recommend her 100% every time!

Liz Gray, LCSW, RPT, Clini-Coach®

I had created an e-course, but it was sitting there on my website with no marketing plan and no email list. I didn’t know where to start. I knew how to write and express my ideas, but I didn’t have any structure or strategy. Ari really got a deep understanding of what I wanted. She went above and beyond to gather all the pieces and create a plan for our time together, plus she created a checklist to make sure we covered everything.

I was able to get my quiz (lead magnet) done and it was better than I ever would have imagined. The quiz will be a huge asset to building my email list. I’m already getting quicker sign-ups than I was prior to the quiz. I was also able to write emails to send to my list, as well as a feedback survey to send to people who have purchased my course. It felt so productive!

Ari is friendly, energetic, and easy to connect to. She was as excited about my project as I was, which helped sustain and increase my own excitement for it! If you are looking for support around retaining your authentic voice and creating finished copy then I would recommend working with her in a heartbeat!

Melanie E., LCSW

Well-written copy is often the difference between a struggling private practice and a thriving practice. (No matter how skilled a therapist you are!) There’s a reason people pay Arianna thousands of dollars for her copywriting work; she’s a word-wizard, and working with her is a fantastic opportunity to get access to her “magic”!

Jane Carter, Therapist and Business Coach

I was struggling with permission to be myself and perfectionistic paralysis at various points in the creation of my sales page. Ari didn’t tell me what to write, but taught me how to pull from myself what I wanted to write. I completed a sales page that I am deeply proud of and that reflected who I am in this space as a therapist and leader. Plus it made me $9,600. Bam!! I now have a bit of muscle memory for how to start writing and how to get unstuck when my perfectionism gets in my way.

Ari is a person who will help you find your written voice. She will teach you how to do it, how to improve it, and how to grow in writing your own copy. And she does all of this within the ethical and professional constraints that come with being a therapist.

Ann Marie Miner, PsyD + Mother Disruptor

Before working with Arianna, I was in a place where my website wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be and I wanted to make sure it looked and sounded professional and polished. Arianna was respectful, responsive, and helpful when it came to my copy goals. It was the perfect balance of providing feedback and guidance and allowing me to implement the suggestions. It helped hold me accountable to changes that I wanted to create for my website. Since then, I’ve gotten positive feedback on my website, both content-wise and aesthetically. I fully believe that the money spent was an investment and helped motivate and hold me accountable to changes that I wanted to create for my website.

Abbie Hausermann, LICSW, PMH-C

Ari helped me learn how to break the academic writing habits I had learned in grad school and speak directly to my ideal client in a language they would understand. This has helped me fill my caseload with ideal clients that I’m excited to work with! Working with Ari to improve my website was key in growing my practice. She asks questions that make you think and help you move forward, so I felt supported throughout the process. She is warm and direct and won’t let you stay in your own way.

The skills I learned from her have been transferrable to online directory posts, speaking about my ideal client in professional and personal conversations, and updating sections of my website when needed. I would recommend her to my friends and have already given her name to colleagues looking to grow their private practice, too!

Ashley French, LPC


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