The CoWriting Program

When you started your private practice, you had no clue how much WRITING you would have to do.

Website.  About Page.  Social Media Posts.
Did I miss anything?
Oh yeah…Emails to Referrals.  Blog Posts.  Marketing Flyers. 
It’s enough to just stick to a directory listing and call it good, right?

Writing for your business doesn’t have to be mind-numbing nor soul-crushing.

What is the CoWriting Program?

The CoWriting Program is a 1:1 coaching program that blends content strategy, get-er-done writing time, and behind-the-scenes editorial magic.  I’m your guide, cheerleader, and clarity-finder as we co-create copy that is compelling, and infused with your one-of-a-kind personality.

I’ll guide you in niching down and loosening up so that you can write from your heart.  You supply the ideas and passion.  I offer the guidance, know-how, and permission to be fully yourself in your writing.  I’m with you during every step of the writing process.

Basically, it’s like having a copywriter in your back pocket.

How It Works 

Generally, our first call is a Strategy Call where we will discuss your niche, brand voice, and pages we will be working on during your project. 

When we start with clarity and direction, it makes it so much easier once we sit down to actually write. 

You will have “homework” between calls to clarify your niche, create an ideal client avatar (ICA), and discover your brand voice in your writing.    

CoWriting sessions are the main event. That’s when we put the rubber to the road and get some copy churned out.  During your co-writing session, we sit side-by-side (virtually or in-person if you’re in Denver!) and create your copy together

I will prod, encourage, ask, teach, direct – but most importantly – we will end with a workable document.  It certainly won’t be final, because good copy takes some editing, but you’ll end with a sense of accomplishment and clear direction on what’s next to get your creation ready to share with the world.

After the CoWriting Calls, we will work behind the scenes together with revising and editing.  You will be responsible for taking what you have learned and working on your drafts.  You will notify me when your pages are ready for review.  I will offer suggestions, revisions, and pointers.  Generally, we will have 2 rounds of this behind the scenes. Depending on the track you choose, you may have multiple CoWriting calls followed with this editing process.

Near the end of the program, we will make sure your copy is finalized and ready to share with the world.  Some folks also elect to have their final call to focus on marketing strategy. 

Is the Cowriting Program for me? 

The Cowriting Program best for professionals who are passionate about their clients, their ideas, and driven to serve, inspire, and lead.

Here’s where you get stuck: putting pen to paper. (Or fingers to keyboard? Let’s not overthink this.)  You get overwhelmed easily and doubt if you’re doing it ‘right’.  Graduate school has driven out any creativity or flexibility in your writing voice.  Your inner perfectionist screams at you, critiquing every sentence…until you give up. 

If you can answer “yes!” Or “IDK.maybe?” to at least 3 statements, then you’re ready for this program.

  • You believe that you have the ability to write better.
  • You’re willing to examine some of the harmful or unhelpful messages that you have received about writing.
  • You have big ideas, keen insight, or helpful advice that you’re dying to share with the world. You know that writing compelling copy is going to be how you get the word out.
  • You know that investing in your business and yourself is the best way for you to get the results you want, quickly.
  • You want to learn how to write faster and infuse more of your spunk and personality in your copy.
  • You’re willing to take some risks and break a few writing ‘rules’.  (Look at you, you rebel!)

Who is this Program *NOT* great for? (No shame here.)

  • You’ll do everything you can to avoid writing.  You’d rather exert minimal effort on your part for your copy to get completed. 

That’s okay! I love your clarity and self-awareness.  Consider my Copywriting (Done-for-you) Services. I work with a select number of clients on Copywriting projects.  Copywriting is a higher-level investment but allows you to focus on the areas of your business you’re most passionate about. 

  • You don’t have the time to work on your copy between coaching calls.

While it’s not required for you to work on your drafts and revision between our coaching calls, it will produce the best results during this program.  If you don’t set aside the time to do the homework, you may feel discouraged or disappointed you’re not seeing more results.  It also means that you can’t get helpful feedback, which is a huge part of you growing as a writer. 

Don’t despair! Consider doing this program when you’re able to put aside the time outside of coaching calls OR you can check out my Copywriting (Done-for-you) Services

  • You’re not willing to get clear on your brand voice, niche, or ideal client.

Perhaps you’re still in the mindset that casting a wider net and being a generalist is better for business. (It’s not).  Creating a niche, ideal client avatar (ICA), and brand voice is a huge part of this program.  If you’re not ready to narrow your focus to your ideal client, this program won’t work for you.

If you want to get more clear on your niche and ICA, but you don’t know how – then you’re in the right place.  The CoWriting Program supports you in this process.  Let’s discuss more on our Exploration Call.

  • You’re not yet sure on the direction of your private practice or business.

Not a problem!  Perhaps you’re still figuring out exactly what you want to do.  Or your business idea is still a cherished seed waiting to be planted.  In this case, consider investing in Private Practice Coaching if you want strategy and support to bring you more clarity and direction in your entrepreneurial path.  

  • You’re not able to make the financial investment right now.

Totally cool.  Perhaps your practice is still getting off the ground.  Or you just got hit with a ton of bills or you’re caring for a sick family member.  Maybe you have some fears that it won’t work for you.  However, if there is a small part of you that is curious and willing to give it a shot, consider booking a free Exploration Call to talk through this. 

Bad copy is just bad for business.

Where’s why:

If clients can’t *imagine* what it’s like to work with you, they won’t book a consultation.

If clients can’t tell what makes you *different* from others, they’ll keep scrolling.

If clients don’t understand the *value* you bring, they won’t invest in your services.

There is a voice inside of you, dying to let loose and write from the depths of your soul.
Let’s unleash it to see what it can do.



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