Done-for-you Copywriting


You can write a kick-ass research paper in a jiffy.  But a 500-word home page?  Geared to your ideal client?

No, thanks.

Well, you could write it, but…

  • You get overwhelmed when faced with a blank page.
  • You hate having to ‘sell yourself’.
  • You don’t have the skill, time, or desire to learn copywriting.
  • You’d like to put your energy towards seeing clients and other business-building endeavors.
  • You just don’t like writing. (’nuff said.)

That’s where I come in: 

I’m a copywriter for therapists, coaches, and healers.

We are a great match if: 

  • You’re a heart-driven helper, therapist, coach, or healer doing deep and meaningful work.
  • You know high-quality, super-niched copy will up-level your business.
  • You want to pursue business tasks you love and outsource the ones you don’t. (Like writing.)
  • You know the power of investing in yourself + your business.

how i’m different from other copywriters

1) I’m a therapist, too. 

Do you need someone who can actually translate clini-speak into compelling copywriting? You’re looking at her. 

As a fellow mental health professional, I laugh at the same memes as you.  I get the same newsletters clogging my mailbox as you. (Looking at you, PESI brochures.

I’ve gone through internship, licensure, and agency burnout just like you.  I understand the sacred emotional journey you take with your clients–because I take them, too. 

More importantly, I know you can’t just spill your life story on your homepage.  And you’d rather eat soggy broccoli than sound salesy or fake.

2) I only work with helpers + healers.

You won’t find me writing for a coffee shop, vacuum cleaner company, or a big-name corporation. 

I’m niched to the type of copywriting needed for therapists, coaches, and helpers

I stay up to date on the latest trends and tips on copywriting for your profession so you don’t have to.

3) I believe in what you do. 

In an ideal world, you do good work for the world and that fills your caseload. 

Not so. 

In order to attract clients, you need a solid online presence beyond a headshot and directory profile.  

You need copy that conveys your personality and passion in a way your clients will respond to.

I don’t want to *just* write pretty words for you, I want to support the vision of your practice.

This means a comprehensive approach that accounts for where your practice is currently — and where you’re going.  (Because I know you’ve got big dreams, my friend.)

It’s time to ditch writer’s block.