Copy Audits


Is your copy workin’ hard

…Or hardly working?

is it speaking to your ideal client?
Does it reflect your authentic personality? 

Time for a copy audit, my friend.

How do Copy Audits work?

  1. Complete a contact form to tell me more what pages you need to be reviewed, and what concerns you have about your current copy. 
  2. After we have determined the copy for your audit, we’ll schedule a Strategy Call. I’ll ask about the areas of your copy you love, the places you’re stuck, and any goals you have for your copy (i.e. speaking to a different niche or bringing in more personality.)

  3. After this call, you’ll put all your copy into a Google Doc. I’ll dive in and take a fine-tooth comb to your copy. I’ll provide editing, suggest where to refresh your copy, and offer guidance for readability, flow, and conversion potential. 

  4. Once the audit is complete, I’ll email you a Google Doc of your copy, with the specific feedback and recommendations to improve your messaging, tone, and word choice.  

  5. You’ll have one week after receiving your Copy Audit documents (Google Doc + Report Card) to ask any follow-up questions to make sure you understand all the recommendations. I want to make sure you feel confident in your next steps after this process.

  6. On your own time, you implement the recommendations to get your copy workin’ hard for you.  If you want extra help implementing the recommendations, you can schedule a Copy Coaching Call or book a Done-for-you project.

It’s like a performance review…for your copy.

With my 30+ point Copy Clarity Checklist as a guide, I go through your copy with the scrutiny of your Mother-In-Law to ensure you’re:

  • Speaking to your ideal client and target niche.
  • Naming and properly agitating your client’s pain points.
  • Maximizing your personality and voice in your writing.
  • Demonstrating your expertise and passion while maintaining approachability.
  • Making it easy for clients to know if you’re the right fit.
  • Keeping it real and to the point.
  • Connecting the dots between your client’s struggles and your services.
  • Limiting the use of clinical jargon, cliches, and overused self-help phrases.
  • Ensuring your copy is visually appealing and flows well for the reader.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the quality and scope of your existing copy, as well as the size of the project.

Your quote will include exact pricing and start date. From there, you can decide if you’d like to move forward with the audit.

If your copy isn’t drawing in ideal clients, your business is missing out.