4 Pandemic-Proof Copywriting Tips for Therapists & Coaches

When the clock struck midnight on december 31, 2020…

There was some hope, right?

Even though we knew the pandemic was far from over, it felt like a glimmer of change on the horizon.

But 2021 has been a struggle, still.

The pandemic has forced you to reflect on how your business is helping you — or hurting you.

fast forward to now…

You’re realizing you want to attract new clients,

different clients,

even more full-fee clients…

or start something entirely new, like launching a coaching business or a course.

What’s next?

It all starts with your copy, my friend.

So whether you’re…

  • Making a huge pivot and serving a whole new clientele
  • Expanding your biz and adding new services
  • Freshening up your copy to feel more like you
  • Fine tuning your already-freakin’-awesome copy game…

Check out these time-tested tips to up-level your copy.

1. Own your Voice

Lots of copywriting advice encourages you to craft, create, or hone your brand voice.

If you’re a corporation, large group practice, or even a more established company, this advice is important. You want a cohesive voice in your copy — and a brand voice can be essential for that.


If you’re a soloprenuer (or even a just-starting-small-ish group practice), this advice only adds to the mystery and overwhelm when writing for your business.

the answer: YOU are your brand voice.

If you’re the main person interfacing with your clients, then your copy needs to reflect the way that you talk and the words you use.

Do not try to “create” a voice. Do not try to sound like someone else.

Can you think of phrases that you say often to clients?

Words that just feels soooo natural rolling off your tongue?

Greetings you use to say hello, express excitement, or even frustration?

Get that lexicon into your copy ASAP — because that stuff is YOU.

2. Make your call-to-action solid

While second person (‘you’) is the golden standard in conversion copywriting, you need to shift to first person (‘I’) when it comes to your call-to-action (CTA).

The best CTA’s are framed in the positive. That is, highlighting a goal or desire of your ideal client.


  • I’m ready to {client goal}!
  • I want to {client wish}.
  • I need {program offering} now.

That isn’t to say that you also can’t play around with pain points or even use a different tense.

  • I’m done with {client’s pain point}.
  • Bye, bye {client’s issue}!*
  • Let’s get rid of (client undesired symptom).
(*You’ll see how I use this one at end of the post.)

Play around with it! Have fun, even. BUT, make sure they are clear — so your client knows exactly what to do next.

3. Show, don’t tell

Take a look at your home page or sales page. Ideally, it has some pain points on there or follows this tried & true copywriting formula.

Are you using language that SHOWS your ideal client how their issues LOOK in day-to-day life?

Is it specific to them? Or are you giving vague, ambiguous phrases that could apply to…well, anyone?

If you don’t use language that SHOWS your clients you see their experience, how will they know you can actually help them?

Most importantly, if you aren’t effectively agitating the very discomfort that caused them to google your services, or vividly highlighting their dreams, you’re missing out on making an emotional connection with a would-be client.

Here’s what that looks like:

“TELLING” a pain point:
You have a hard time in romantic relationships.”

Vague? Hell yes. Specific? A little, but what does a ‘hard time’ look like?

okay – Here’s “SHOWING” in your copy with specificity:

  • Dating: You have downloaded every dating app, bought five outfits, even bought a cute mask–but have yet to go on a legit date. (And it’s not because of the ‘Rona.)
  • Long-Term Couple: Despite years together, you feel like your partner doesn’t know who you are underneath the endless piles of laundry and sack lunches.
  • Intimacy-related: You won’t allow your partners to see you naked unless it’s pitch black, horrified of what they think of your body’s imperfections.

You see how much this can shift your copy? It’s much more clear HOW this pain point manifests in their day-to-day life.

Now, your turn. Scan your home page for vague statements. Change them to SHOW your client what this point point (or desired goal/outcome) actually LOOKS like.

4. Be vulnerable

The world wide web is chock full of people, stories, and voices.

It feel so overwhelming to think about how to make yourself stand out.

Especially, as a helper, you want to focus on your clients–not make it about you.

Even so, you gotta show a little bit of your humanity.

This doesn’t mean spilling your soul all over your about page.

Being vulnerable in your copy can look like:

  • Sharing a value or opinion that might feel “unpopular”, but guides your work with clients.
  • A difficult story about how one of your mistakes make you a better helper/healer.
  • How it (really) makes you feel to walk along side your clients in their pain and struggles.
  • Fun facts that show your playful/nerdy/animal-loving/creative/rebellious/whatever side.
  • Aspects your clients may not know about you but inform your approach.
  • The last time you felt frustrated/angry/sad and how you handled it.
  • A funny, heartwarming, or stoic story that highlights one of your core values as a healer.
BOTTOM LINE: Are you a little (or a lot) afraid to share it? You’re on the right track.

does your copy still needs a boost…?

As a therapist-by-day, word-nerd-by-night, I’d love to guide you in refreshing your copy for 2021, create the phrases needed to capture your next ideal client, or coach you in how to feel more confident in your writing.

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