Why I’m Embracing Microblogging During COVID-19 (And You Can, Too.)

During COVID, everything is shorter.

Well, not everything:

This weekend, I was in line at a Starbucks drive-thru, my dog panting in my back seat. (It’s what I call ‘going out’ these days.)

The line wrapped around the parking lot and into the side street, blocking traffic.

People were pissed. They wanted their coffee. They wanted to make a left turn.  Tale as old as time.

Yes, lines are longer, but most things are shorter: our time, our attention span, even our tempers.

As therapists, our focus and productivity isn’t what they used to be.

But we still need to keep the doors open. (Figuratively, of course.)

You know you need to continue creating content that adds value and engages your current or potential clients.

Yet, the thought of sitting down to write and edit a super long blog post just sounds agonizing.  (Although, if you want to, this will help.)

There’s a solution: Microblogging.

What’s Microblogging? 

Exactly what it sounds like.

A blog post that is shorter and more condensed than your typical long-form post.

  • It often covers one particular thought, topic, question.
  • It isn’t too wordy.  It gets right to the point.
  • It can contain simple, yet powerful narrative elements.
  • It tends to be more on the conversational side. 
  • It’s versatile across content platforms.  You can copy and paste right into FB, shorten it for IG, or share with your email list with minimal changes.
Basically, it brings together all the best practices of copywriting.

Clients Love Microblogs, Too

Your clients are also short on time, attention, motivation, and focus.

They’re spending much more time consuming social media, news, and articles.

They need quick, powerful connection to cut through the noise. 

A timely microblog will catch their attention and provide a quick dose of YOU.

Usually in less than 3 minutes. (Here’s an example.)

An added bonus during COVID

Life has changed.  Eventually, you’ll want to refresh your web copy or directory profile to speak to COVID-19 times.   

But you probably don’t have the time (or energy) to do that right now.

Microblogging buys you time.  Even if your homepage still speaks to pre-covid times, when clients see recent content on your blog, it shows you’re attending to your web presence and accepting new clients (without you directly saying so).    

Bottom line: Current content invites new business.

Microblogging = Perfect for Perfectionists

Yes, microblogging is even ideal for overthinkers and perfectionists! Here’s why.

Your goal with a microblog: write as short and simply as possible. 

When you’re forced to focus on ONE topic, there’s less decision fatigue, giving your deep-thinkin’ brain a much-deserved break.

There’s less copy to edit, so fewer details to obsess over.

Shorter content can feel less vulnerable, which is good for sensitive, introverted therapists who struggle with being seen.

Still undecided?

Two words: Seth Godin. The man is famous for his daily, bite-sized blog posts.

Yup, he was microblogging before it was cool.

Now, let’s get you onboard, too.


If you want some help with refreshing your copy, or getting that blog post out there , let’s chat.
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