An Open Letter to Sensitive Therapists With Money Shame

I see you.

You are empathic, creative, and intuitive.  You’re known for your keen insight and ability to anticipate other’s needs.  You remember dial-up internet, Myspace, and a time before smartphones.

You feel the world as deeply as an abyss. You experience emotions as bundles.  Joy and grief.  Sadness and bliss. Beauty and loss.  Sometimes you want to explode into a thousand pieces because life feels so exquisite and empty at the same time.

This is your first time in private practice. Or perhaps it’s your second go-around because the first didn’t pan out.  Either way, you feel the crushing importance to make this business work.  

You’re hesitant to embrace the term ‘entrepreneur’.  You’re fairly certain you’ll never be able to spell it correctly, anyway, so why use the term?


You have money shit.  You’re not exactly sure what it is, or what to do about it, but you know it’s time to look deeper.

You’ve also done enough personal work to know that money isn’t about money.  It’s laced with so many other emotions and desires – fear, safety, survival, worth, power, freedom, and more.

You know that being sensitive means that you need to approach business differently, but not sure what that looks like.



You grew up with unspoken messages around money that have become deeply ingrained due to your sensitive, observant nature.

No amount of money ever feels like enough.

You feel sick to your stomach, spacey, or panicked when thinking or talking about money.

Despite having some solid money management skills, you honestly don’t trust yourself with money nor the flow of money.

You feel guilty about making good money.  Deep down you feel safer when you are just getting by. Excess money feels dangerous.

You feel haunted by past money choices. You can’t forgive yourself–even if it is not your burden to carry.


You fumble through money conversations with your clients and loved ones. You avoid talking about it.

You live paycheck to paycheck.  You’re not sure how you get by every month.  Looking at your finances brings you deep shame.

You don’t enforce cancellation or no-show policies.  Even when it’s a blatant disregard for your time.

You set your fees based on fear and comparison.  You want to raise your fees but feel terrified to do so.  You’ve found yourself back in the same place as when you worked at an agency or group practice.

Even if you are semi-comfortable talking about money, there is still a small seed of shame deep within you that gets in the way of feeling truly liberated from your money wounds.


Freedom. Simplicity.  Security.

You’re not a wall street wolf.  You don’t want a bunch of money just for the hell of it.

You want enough money to support your life.  You want to earn enough to pay your bills, care for your family, take time off, save for the future, and give to causes that matter.

You want to focus on your clients without worrying about your income.

You want to remember why you got into this field and feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment every day.


It’s not your fault. 

Chances are your money shame is rooted in your upbringing and your close relationships. Perhaps you were unconsciously and non-consensually given beliefs and values about the relationship between money and worth before you even knew you had a choice in the matter.

You’re not behind. 

The fact you’re learning about money shame shows that there is something waking up inside of you. You’re ready for a change.

Your money healing journey can start at any moment. There is no use comparing yourself to others. Let’s compare you with your best self.

You were built for healing.

As a sensitive being, you were designed for this journey.  You were built to learn and deeply process new ideas, connect with others who can help you grow, and thrive quickly when giving the proper support.

I’m absolutely certain you already have all the tools within you – or within reach – to heal your money shame AND build the practice of your dreams.

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